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Glaskasten GK display case for H0 updated

21 February 2021

After introduction of the GKO 0-scale display case, a number of its features have now also been implemented on the GK display cases for H0 to N scale. These improvements include standard soft close hinges and an optional door lock.

On the GK-L version with LED light on every shelf, the power supply is now integrated with a built-in on/off switch. A built-in dimmer is available as an option. The power lead comes in white as standard, because that blends in better in most interiors. Black is still available upon request.

The design and appearance of the display case has remained the same, the only difference is a slight increase in depth by 1cm. For existing customers who would like to extend their display case with more modules, this would mean the fronts would not line up, therefore we have kept a limited number of the original GK display cases in stock. Unfortunately these are now sold out.

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