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New: Mounting Bracket for Drywall

5 May 2023

Glaskasten display cases are made of high quality components and materials such as glass, aluminium and steel. Therefore they are very sturdy and durable, but they can also be quite heavy, especially when filled with collectable model trains. Generally that is no problem, because Glaskasten display cases have a height adjustable wall mounting system that comes with sturdy mounting brackets, screws and plugs, which works well for concrete, brick or stone walls.

Drywall (plasterboard or aerated/cellular concrete) however may not be able to withstand the loads from the standard brackets, even when used with special plugs. Therefore we now offer an optional mounting rail which spans the full width between the mounting brackets of the display case. This means it can be fastened at more places to the plasterboard and more importantly, to the studs/posts (in case of a metal or timber frame wall).

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