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Is it possible to have free-standing Glaskasten displays, or are they only suitable for wall-mounting?
Standard Glaskasten display cases are meant to be mounted to a vertical wall. However, if you only have sloping walls, of if you would like to place the display cases in the middle of a room, Glaskasten can offer solutions to integrate multiple displays into a free standing system. Please contact us for further information.
What is the maximum size of a Glaskasten display case?
As the Glaskasten system is modular, there is no maximum size. You can place as many base displays beside or above each other as you like. It may not be practical to hang more than two displays above each other, because the models would be hard to reach, but the width is unlimited.
Isn't the display case very heavy, and how is it mounted securely to the wall?
The empty weight of the Glaskasten display case is over 20 kg and filled with models over to 40 kg. That is why Glaskasted employs a professional wall mounting system. This system not only allows securely hanging the display case, but it is easily adjustable to mount it level.
Can Glaskasten display cases be custom made to any size? Which sizes are available?

The base Glaskasten display case is 118 cm wide and 73 cm tall. Glaskasten displays are a modular system, which can be extended horizontally and vertically, by hanging multiple base display units above or beside each other to form a display wall, as shown in the photo below.
Note that there are no glass side panels between the modules, so that long trains can be placed in the display wall that continue along multiple base units. If you are interested in this modular system, please check out our custom display case configurator, or contact us.


Does Glaskasten also manufacture special display cases for 1:43 or 1:24 model cars, or other collections like Minerals or Lego figurines?
Not at this moment, but if there is sufficient demand, we will consider developing generic display cases (i.e. not model train specific). Please let us know if you are interested.
Is the Glaskasten display case suitable for displaying other collections, such as 1:43 model cars, minerals or Lego figurines?
You can show anything you like in a Glaskasten display case, if it fits. The depth of a shelf is about 70mm and the height 80mm. Note that the floor slopes down toward the front, starting about 35mm from the back wall. This is to achieve the best possible visibility of the contents of the display case.
Are Glaskasten display cases available for larger scales such as 0 or I?
We now have a Glaskasten O-scale display case, the GKO. The width and height are the same as the GK display case (for H0 and N) and it is also a modular system, so you can assemble multiple modules beside and above each other to make one large display case.
We also have a concept for a I-scale display case, which may be introduced in the future, if there is sufficient interest. Please let us know if you are interested.
Are Glaskasten displays only suitable for H0 models?
Glaskasten GK display cases are suitable for H0, H0e, H0m, 00, TT and N models. The wheels of H0 and 00 models fit the integrated track. For H0e and N models you can insert N gauge track into the shelves as illustrated on the photo below. The wheels of H0m and TT models fit exactly between the integrated track.
Glaskasten GKO display cases are suitable for O scale models (1:43.5, 1:45 or 1:48) at normal gauge (32mm) or narrowgauge (Om or Oe).


What type of lighting is installed in Glaskasten displays?
Glaskasten display cases with light are equipped with very safe, low voltage LED lights which are powered by an internal power supply with a switch and an optional dimmer.
What is unique about the LED lighting of Glaskasten display cases?
In the display cases with lighting, every shelf is individually lit. The light source is positioned so that the models are lit from the front, that is what draws the attention to the models.


Are spare parts available, should anything ever get damaged?
Even though it is not likely that the display case gets damaged in normal use, Glaskasten guarantees that all parts are separately available for Glaskasten customers. We have developed a durable product, which we have carefully thought through and we do not believe in regularly updating product design.
Why does Glaskasten use glass, is plexiglass not safer?
The doors and side panels of Glaskasten display cases are made of toughened glass, which does not scratch or discolour, like plexiglass does. Furthermore toughened glass is very strong and almost impossible to break. If it would break, however, it shatters into little pieces, without forming sharp shards.


Does Glaskasten also ship to countries that are not in the list on the webshop?
For countries outside the list, we will have to request quotes for shipping. Please contact us for further information.
Where can I buy a Glaskasten display case?
You can order Glaskasten display cases in our webshop on this site. Alternatively you can order them by telephone or e-mail. We ship them to you by a company that is specialised in transporting high value goods. Alternatively you can pick them up at our facilities in Maasbommel (NL) after previous arrangement. We can also deliver via your local model railway shop, if they are willing to facilitate this.

If you have a question that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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