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Glaskasten GKN2,5

Model train display case for N and Z models with 11 shelves of 3 m

This high-quality model train display cabinet is built to the highest standards using soft-close hinges, tempered glass, aluminium and stainless steel. With the integrated lighting option, each train can be individually illuminated. 
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Product description

The unique all-glass front of the Glaskasten display cabinet offers you optimal visibility of your model train collection.

The GKN2,5 can accommodate more than 32 metres of N or Z scale trains over 11 shelves. The GKN2,5 is an example of the modular Glaskasten system, as it consists of two GKN1 and a GKN0,5 module side-by-side without separation, so you can display trains of nearly 3 metres long


Shelf spacing is suited for N and Z models. For N gauge models (9mm), you can slot N-gauge track into a special groove. Z models can be placed with or without track.

Integrated lighting option

The shelf profile shape is optimised for best lighting your model trains. In the display cabinet with integrated lighting, each train is individually illuminated through a diffusor, making your models stand out even better. Optionally a built-in dimmer is available so you can adjust the amount of light to your taste. The light switch and AC lead are located in the bottom right corner. The AC lead is white to fit with most interiors.


Minimalistic design with metal construction and frameless tempered glass doors with soft-close hinges.

Glaskasten Modular System

The Glaskasten Module System is the only modular model train display system that can be extended in width and height without limits.

For large collections and long trains, multiple modules can be used side-by-side or above each other, forming one continuous display wall. Some standard combinations are available in our web shop, but there are so many sizes and combinations of options available that not everything is listed here.

Please note that delivery times may be longer for less common combinations of options.

Packaging and shipment

Depending on the destination, Glaskasten display cases are either shipped in a sturdy box, or in a wooden crate on a pallet. This, and the fact that we only use carriers that specialise in transporting valuable products, results in relatively high packaging and shipping cost, but unfortunately that is necessary to minimise the chance of damage.


This display cabines comes with the following:
  • Display cabinet with high quality soft close hinges and integrated adjustable wall mounting system.
  • Separately packaged tempered glass doors and side panels.
  • Clear manual with installation instructions (you can download the pdf below).
  • Wall mounting brackets with screws and plugs.
  • Available options:
    • Integrated LED lighting for each individual train
    • Integrated power supply with power switch, white power chord and optional dimmer
    • Integrated door lock in each module

Additional information


297 cm


73 cm


11 cm

Maximum train length per shelf

295 cm

Maximum load per module shelf (models)

2.5 kg

Maximum cabinet weight (including models)

135 kg

Power consumption

135 W

Net weight (without models)

59 kg

All Glaskasten products are designed and manufactured in the EU.

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