Glaskasten GKO1 : O Scale model train display case RESERVATION

This is a reservation only! As soon as production starts you will be able to order through our webshop. In the mean time you can place an order via e-mail.

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Glaskasten O-scale model train display case can now be ordered!

Development of this exciting new Glaskasten product is finished and a prototype has been built (see photo). The quality of design and finish will be just like the H0 display case.

Unfortunately all shows were cancelled this year, so we are unable to show this new O-scale model train display case to the public. Shortly professional photos will be made of the prototype and placed on this site. Production planning has been delayed slightly due to corona and deliveries will start in September.

Note: Apart from our own (amateur) photograph of the prototype, most images on this page are computer generated, based on our 3D CAD models. Professional photos of the prototype will appear here soon.

Versions and options

Note: pricing in the table below does not include shipping.

  • GKO1 Base cabinet: 4 shelves of 118 cm each without track or lighting € 799
  • Optional inbuilt 32mm* track for GKO1 (not powered) € 79
  • GKO1L Base cabinet with lighting: 4 shelves of 118 cm each with integrated LED lighting and without track € 999
  • Optional inbuilt 32mm* track for GKO1L, suitable for powering € 99
  • Optional integrated roller stand for GKO1L, so you can run your locos in the display case, € 99** per full shelf
  • Optional dimming for GKO1L € 49

* Other gauges available upon request.
** Price is for replacing 1 full length powered track, includes rollers for 5 axles. Additional rollers are €15 per axle.

For longer trains, multiple modules can be used side-by-side, forming one continuous display case, see the images on the left. Please enquire for pricing.


This high-quality model train display cabinet is built to the highest standards using tempered glass, aluminium and stainless steel. Each train is individually illuminated in the version with integrated lighting. Each track is powered in the version with powered track.

The unique all-glass front of the Glaskasten display cabinet offers optimaal visibility of your model train collection. The GKO1 can accommodate almost 5 metres of O scale model trains over 4 shelves. Shelf spacing is suited for 1:43.5 or 1:45 scale models, with integrated “catenary” at the right height to hold the pantograph in the right orientation.

Track and gauge

Track is optional and can be standard gauge (32 mm), or narrow gauge Om or Oe. You can also use your own track instead. Glaskasten optionally supplies powered track, so that locomotive or wagon functions can be used (e.g. sound or light). In that case you can connect your own DCC command station.
Even an integrated roller stand is available to bring motion to your model train display case. The roller stand replaces the track on a full shelf, one or more shelves can be fitted with a roller stand.


In the version with light, each shelf has integrated LEDs with a diffusor, making your models stand out even better. Optionally the light can be dimmed.

Make your reservation today

If you make a reservation for a Glaskasten O-scale display case before 31 July 2020, you will receive an introduction discount of 10% on the base cabinet(s). Deliveries will be made in the order of the reservations. You can decide after 31 July which version and which options you would like to order. Payment is only due when your display case is ready for delivery.
Note that if you place a reservation you are not obligated to purchase the display case, at any time you can cancel your reservation. In that case you will loose the right to the introduction discount and also your place in the reservation queue.


Shipping cost for one GKO1 module is €50 in Germany and the Netherlands, please enquire at for other destinations.

Additional information


1190 mm


727 mm


167 mm

Maximum load per shelf (models)

6 kg

Maximum cabinet load (models)

30 kg

Power consumption

45 W