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New Glaskasten N scale display case

11 October 2022

So far we have used our H0 display cases for N scale models (1:160) as well, because N track fits exactly in the groove in the H0 shelves. Because of requests from our customers to increase the capacity of the display case for N scale models, we developed an N version of our GK series of H0 display cases.

Because we use many of the same components, this is a relatively minor modification, so we have been able to introduce it very quickly. The above picture is just a CAD image. The components are now being manufactured and the prototype will be finished in a few weeks. We will publish photos here soon and commence production immediately after that.

The basic version will be the GKN1L, which has 11 shelves of 1.2m long, all individually lit. Due to the decreased height of the shelf spacing, an added bonus is that the new GKN display case is suitable for scales ranging from 1:120 (TT) to 1:220 (Z).

The GKN display case also employs the unique Glaskasten Modular System with our standard module size of 1.2 m by 73 cm. Large display walls can be created by extending the basic module width in 60 cm steps. Of course the height can also be increased by mounting a second row of modules above, resulting in a 22-shelve display cabinet.

In addition to LED light, GKN display cases will have optional dimming and door locks.

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